About us


 We represent the best Fitness clothing brands from Brazil. Every piece we select is specially designed to provide modern women with the versatility they need in their busy lives. They can seamlessly transition from the studio to the street and anywhere else throughout the day.

Named after the beautiful and rare "ARARA" bird, which is indigenous to remote parts of Brazil, "AR" means "AIR" in Portuguese, which reflects the spirit of freedom and life.

We offer high-quality, well-made clothing that uses premium high-tech fabrics. These designs are flattering while also being highly functional. They're created for the contemporary women with authenticity and style.

We believe that every exceptional woman deserves to be herself and feel how strong and powerful she is.

Our goal is to provide products that feature the best materials and innovative designs, comfort and style, with a perfect fit that does not compromise on functionality.

We believe in a philosophy of luxury that provides the motivation for self-care and the inspiration for you to chase and achieve your health and fitness goals.